How to order – Delivery of goods



Step 1 - Valuation of consignment and place an order

With the rapid pricing on our home page, you can easily and quickly check the current offers which match to the needs of each user. In the next step we can choose additional services such as customs clearance, additional insurance or transportation to the place of unloading. If you accept the price for the service just give additional information about the consignment and the complete data shipper and goods recipient.

Note that at each stage of the order, you can count on our help. Just call, write to us through the chat channel or send an e-mail.


Step 2 - Approval and implementation of the contract

By entering into the contract system forward the information to to the carrier. The email stated in the order shall be sent to: confirmation of the order and reservation number at the port of loading. In confirmation of the contract also includes address data warehouse shipper, and the person responsible for the load side of the shipper, which must be sent to your trading partner in the country of shipment.

Since then, the email stated in the order will be sent notification of status changes in the transport of the consignment and any documents.


Step 3 - Consignment, Warehouse loading

The operator of the port of shipment contact the shipper and arrange delivery of the consignment at the warehouse loading. The package must meet the conditions which enable it to transport by sea and be delivered on time. Acceptance your goods into a warehouse is also confirmed by e-mail. In addition, the message contains, among others information about the real dimensions and weight of the shipment.


Step 4 - Sea Transport

Consignment meets the conditions of the country of export is packed into the container, and then the ship. After the exit of the goods from the warehouse to ship generated and sent a sea waybill (Bill of Lading), which is evidence of the contract of carriage. Sea transport depending on the distance between the ports is from 2 to 6 weeks.

When the shipment is coming to the port of unloading our system sends a notification with information about the exact time of its arrival.

At your destination container is unloaded and shipment goes to the warehouse of the carrier. It is expected to complete the formalities and customs and tax payment for services.


Step 5 - Payment for services, and tax and customs duties formalities

With the announcement of acceptance of the shipment by the destination magazine is issued and sent an invoice for services rendered. If one of the ordered services customs clearance is necessary to provide us with the documents necessary for its implementation (including commercial invoice, packing list, certificate of origin and any other necessary documents).

Following customs clearance will be sent information about the customs debt along with the account number of the Customs office to which the payment is due. When the payment by the Customs Office system sends a notification containing the document confirming the exemption of customs, and the shipment is released by the Customs Office to receive or further transport.

If you do not use the services of customs clearance, the ordering makes it its own. Payment of invoices and the payment of customs duties and tax is provided exemption from storage.


Step 6 - Receiving the shipment and its transportation to the final destination

Released shipping expects to receive, or if you select this option when placing an order is made the transportation to your destination.




 - transport by sea and by land 
 - insurance 
 - customs clearance