About Us service was started as an alternative to costly shipping services in Poland. The company has been operating since 1996 in the shipping industry and provides comprehensive services for the carriage of goods imported and exported to many areas in the world. It uses the direct connection between the ports so that the transport time was shortened to a minimum. The offer is available to both individuals and businesses.

Service allows you to use the services of one of the largest marine general cargo carriers in the world - Shipco Transport. One of its main advantages is provide services available so far only for businesses, and possibility of ordering services without the need to sign any contracts in an easy and fast way. With a large number handled transports offered by prices are very attractive. in addition to the short time of the order, and competitive pricing - the maximally simplified ordering process, support consultant and responsible service at the time of any problems with delivery.

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Most elected a formula defining the division of responsibility and the costs of transport between the shipper and the consignee of the goods is FOB (Free on Board). It tells us that the exporter pays all the costs of commutation of the load to the output port and the load on the side. The exporter also covers handling costs at the output port, customs clearance costs and port costs. Other costs are the responsibility of the importer.

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