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Our offer is available for businesses. We enable transport of both one small package as well as the entire container full of pallets of goods. Since 1996 we have been operating in the shipping industry and we complex service transport of goods imported and exported to many areas in the world. The experience we have gained during this time allows us to perform even the most difficult job of any transport.

You only pay for what you order!

The motto clearly and explicitly defines the way we act. By signing agreements with the best carriers are able to determine the total cost of your shipment before entering into a contract for transport. Presented at pricing always includes the total cost of the selected services. This saves our clients the unpleasant surprises, which can be exposed using the "bargain price of transport ..." in some companies, shipping or ordering goods from the remit of transport after the shipper - usually very occasionally in terms of cost.

Guarantee of constant prices for the orders.

As you know, the cost of transport in the shipping is calculated based on the euro and the U.S. dollar. You pay for your order in Polish zloty (PLN). Placing an order with you are guaranteed that you have accepted the price will not change and not be affected by exchange rate moves. If the actual size, weight and contents of the shipment agree with the information given in the contract price for the order is not changed.

Online ordering so you pay less.

With the full integration of IT systems to carriers by sea and land, we managed to reduce to a minimum the "human factor" that occurs in the organization of transport. This approach allows to significantly reduce the costs associated with handling each order. Our system is based on current tariffs independently valued order, provides information to carriers and generates and sends all the required documents. We have a contract with an insurance broker so if you require additional cargo insurance we mediate the buying. Due to the large amount of cargo handled we have obtained large discounts, which we share with our customers.

Maritime transport - SPEED

We use a direct connection between the ports so that the transport time was shortened to a minimum. We complete the work under the terms of Incoterms (DATA) that precisely define the responsibility and the allocation of costs associated with the transport of goods between the shipper and the consignee. Orders made ​​on FOB - Free on Board (the shipper delivers the goods checked to selected port) and EXW - Ex Works (receiving shipment takes place directly from the factory in the country of origin). Charge for sea freight is calculated based on the volume or weight of the product, depending on what is more valuable (ie stowage factor weight / measure). The minimum rate is calculated for items weighing 1 ton or 1m3 volume (W / M = 1).

Customs warehouse

We provide the possibility of store imported goods for 30 days (counted from the date of the magazine). The first week is free of charge storage. This allows you to make a check of the goods and the completeness of the contract even before customs clearance without incurring additional costs.

Customs clearance

We deal with all the complex tax and customs formalities, occurring when importing goods. Our customs agency on the basis of the authorization granted represents the client before the Customs Office. The duration of the customs procedure has been shortened by up to notifications transactions carried out electronically.

Land transport

If you select this option when ordering a shipment upon arrival into the country of destination we make all the necessary formalities and deliver goods to the address indicated.


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Did you know?

Bill of Lading is a certificate confirming receipt of the cargo on the ship and the obligation of the carrier to deliver cargo in the port of destination to the holder of the bill of lading.




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