The company has been operating since 1996 in the shipping industry so we have a lot of experience as a result of comprehensive service transport of imported and exported goods to many areas in the world. Additionally we have a policy of Forwarder liability insurance, which is a guarantee of proper performance of orders entrusted to us.

We made a contract with an insurance broker so if you require additional cargo insurance we act as agents in the buying. Due to the large amount of handled cargo we obtained high discounts, which we share with our customers.

We only work with the best carriers, because sea ​​freight service we relied on a market leader in the world of general cargo transportation company Shipco Transport. This guarantees the highest level and the safety of our services.

Periodic safety audits give us the opportunity to closely match the security status of service to the current requirements. Access to the data is possible only by the user. We do not hold the usernames and passwords on servers in the plain text. They are encrypted in a way that prevents them from reading.


To ensure the highest availability and reliability of service our servers are based on the structure of clouds. This allows us to be completely independent of any hardware failure. Administration and monitoring of the functioning of the servers are carried out in a 24/7 via an external company. It has extensive experience in working with large corporations in various fields of industry. In order to protect the data on the server are performed their regular backups. They are saved in real-time to two separate locations. We use only about 1% of the computing power of our servers. This is a significant overlap in the case of increased traffic on our site.

Did you know?

The formula to deliver the goods CIF (Cost Insurance Freight) means that the exporter pays all costs up to the port of destination. These include, in addition to the costs of commutation of the load to the output port of loading to the side, handling costs at the output port, the costs of customs clearance and port costs, including the costs of transport and insurance of the goods transported.




 - transport by sea and by land 
 - insurance 
 - customs clearance