Seaport of Santa Marta

Santa Marta is a seaport with the code COSMR, located in Colombia. It’s a small seaport that can accept ships with over 152.4 meters in length. Compulsory pilotage is conducted here and you can also count on the support of a tugboat. The port repairs ships, but only to a limited extent. There are floating and fixed cranes available.

The city itself is located in North Colombia, and was founded in 1525. It is the oldest Colombian city, located on Santa Marta Bay of the Caribbean Sea. It is situated 992 km from Bogota and borders with the Caribbean to the north. The city’s economy is based first and foremost on tourism, trade, and also on the seaport’s activity. Fishery and agriculture are the city’s thriving industries. The city’s main products are coffee, cocoa and bananas. The highest temperature noted here was 38.2 degrees Celsius, the average temperature is at 32.6 degrees Celsius.

Seaport of Santa Marta

Seaport of Santa Marta. Source: © autorzy OpenStreetMap. Open Database License.

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