Seaport of Moji

Moji is a seaport with the code JPMOJ, located in Japan. It has been operating since 1898, and has mainly dealt with coal transportation. It is a national port that is very important for the development of the local economy. As the port is situated rather close to China, there are many opportunities to establish business contacts. And they are definitely being established. The port is located right in-between Shanghai and Tokyo. It is performing so well that the whole of Japan benefits from it. The port has been thoroughly modernized, and is also quite popular among tourists. Many consider this place to be a hip way to spend your free time. Every year, the port is visited by 2 million people, thus the traffic at the port is really high. The city is worth seeing for its huge number of monuments, and for its architecture dating back to the western movies. One could even say with a certain degree of confidence that this is one of the best ports you can stop at on the way to other, bigger cities. Moji has a very good relationship with the island of Kyushu in terms of transport.

Seaport of Moji

Seaport of Moji. Source: © autorzy OpenStreetMap. Open Database License.

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Import from Moji to Gdynia – 40 days.
Export to Moji from Gdynia – 40 days.

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