The Incoterms – the best terms for the importers – Part 2

Incoterms – EXW

In the previous week I discussed the FOB (shipping port) terms of the Incoterms pointing out advantages for the importers who decide to hold a transport management on their side.
Today I would like to focus on previewing the EXW (named place) terms of the Incoterms and pointing out evident benefits and potential threads resulting from them.

Let us start with that that at the EXW (named place) terms the entire responsibility and risks associated with handling a load rest on our shoulders. As an entity who controls the whole transportation process, we also have an impact on the price of each element of the process, but we are also responsible for such our choices and no other. The benefits are seen with a naked eye, but threads are not seen at the first moment. Unfortunately they occur. While importing form China it could be a problem when an exporter does not have an export licence and uses any intermediate agency which possess such a document. A problem could also become a necessity to use a special equipment to transport our cargo (a vehicle with a lift, a raising platform, etc.). So it is worth to have a support in the experienced freight forwarder who exactly knows what and in which order should be organised to make the whole issue problem-free, e.g. with providing an export customs clearance on the side of the consignor. You might also want to check out if an entity indicated by us has a partner on the consignor side, etc.

In return we receive our tailored to the needs offer which matches ONLY a given transportation, and generally it would not be used on another occasion.

On the you can evaluate according to the EXW – but, unfortunately, in the traditional way. To present our offer we must know:
– An exact shipper address
– Precise cargo parameters
– A place of destination
– A customs procedure.

We kindly invite you to use our services! :)