Seaport of Salvador

Salvador is a seaport with the code BRSAL. It is located in Brazil, situated in All Saints Bay, which is the area in the lower region of the city of Salvador. The port has access to the Atlantic Ocean. In 2007, nearly three million tons of cargo passed through this port, including 2.6 million tons as ocean-going cargo, with the rest being internal cargo. In that same year, the port handled 1.6 tons of container exports, and 753 thousand tons of container imports. The port also accepted 88 cruise vessels carrying 1421 passengers. The port is connected to inland Brazil by rail, by road and by air. It is covered and protected against tidal fluctuations. It has two canals that can be used by ocean-going ships. The anchoring area is 700 meters wide and 9-12 meters deep. The port is used to import wheat and grains, food, chemical products, equipment, vehicles and malt. Exported goods include petrochemical and iron products, granite, fruits, cellulose, copper and vehicles.

Seaport of Salvador

Seaport of Salvador. Source: © autorzy OpenStreetMap. Open Database License.

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Import from Salvador to Gdynia – 19 days.
Export to Salvador from Gdynia – 32 days.

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