Do you know that …
in order to provide a problem-free customs clearance you will need two correctly filled out documents?

These documents are a commercial invoice and a packing list.

There is a few essential elements necessary on both of these documents to make a customs clearance problem-free.
I have already described the above mentioned packages in imports, and in exports it does not differ in any way from the import requirements.

So, an export invoice must comprise:
– An invoice number and a date of issuing it,
– Data on a consignor,
– Data on a consignee,
– A number of an order/a contract
– The terms of delivery (according to the Incoterms),
– A description of a transaction subject – the more detailed, the better,
– A quantity of goods,
– A unit price,
– A total item value,
– A currency of payment (not $, but USD or CAD),
– The terms of payment,
– A code of a customs tariff,
– A description of a country of origin.

While a packaging list should comprise:
– A number and a date of issuing,
– A reference to an invoice number (e.g. related to commercial invoice number XXXX)
– Data on a consignor (a repetition from an invoice),
– Data on consignee (a repetition from an invoice),
– The terms of delivery (a repetition from an invoice),
– A description of a transaction subject (a repetition from an invoice),
– A quantity of goods – in units and in total,
– A quantity of packages – in units and in total,
– A kind of packages,
– A unit net/gross weight,
– A total net/gross weight,
– A load volume.

I daresay that on the basis of so filled out commercial documents one will not have for 100% ANY problems with an export customs clearance…