Córdoba is a city located in Argentina. It has a dry port with the code ARCOR, thanks to which the local economy can flourish. The direct connection between the city of Cordoba and the seaport of Buenos Aires facilitates rapid transport of goods inland. The city itself is situated at the foot of the Sierras de Córdoba mountains, on the Suquia River. It is the second largest city in Argentina, with 1368.1 thousand residents. The city has existed since 1573 and was founded by Jerónimo Luis de Cabrera who gave the city its name. It is one of the oldest urban centers of the Spanish colonial empire. The city has the oldest university in South America which was founded in 1613. The city is full of many valuable monuments from the colonial period. Córdoba is a very important economic center of this country. It has a particularly strong vehicle industry, with Renault, Volkswagen and Fiat Auto car factories. The city also has tractor and train factories operating around-the-clock. After World War II, Cordoba became the heart of the country’s aviation industry.


Cordoba. Source: © autorzy OpenStreetMap. Open Database License.

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Import from Cordoba to Gdyni – 21 dni.
Eksport to Cordoba from Gdyni – 45 dni.