The export – is it so difficult?? How to do that…

The export – it is easy :)

Up till now in my considerations I have focused on the procedure of import from the different parts of the world, and I have left a subject of the export – for different reasons – without any support.

Hereby, I would like to correct my mistake and briefly describe an export procedure from the point of view of transport and customs issues.
I will start untypically – an export is simple :)

The most difficult element of this puzzle is selling of our products. When we manage to sell, our transport possibilities are unlimited. With one can send the goods to more than XX countries (XX terminals). There is no place on the Earth to which we will not be able to carry the goods.
I will focus, of course, on the LCL transportation – that is an element we know the best what does not mean that an export, e.g. the FCL one is much more complicated, and I would even say, that from the point of view of the exporter – a simpler one.

We manage to sell – great! – a first step is done. To perform a transport using our services it is enough to enter a consignment data (parameters) into a calculator, accept a price of the service and fill out an order form to the end.

As a result you will receive a data on the warehouse to which you should deliver the goods including a date of the nearest closing (time after which consignments are transmitted to the next loading opportunity). Before delivering a consignment you should deliver commercial documents to us (rules of filling out in the same as in the case of the import ones) such as: a commercial invoice, a packing list, and an authorisation to represent an exporter in the Customs Office – if you wish to use our customs services.

After sending these documents you should deliver the goods to the specified by us warehouse or order us to pick up a load. We have 5 warehouses in Poland located in Gdynia, Warszawa, Wrocław, Kraków i Poznań.

When the goods are carried to the warehouse, a role of the exporter really ends. His duties will only include further accepting a content of the bill of landing.
In the case of the FCL transportation is even simpler, because a customer is only to accept price from our offer and give us a date of the loading. We handle the rest.

And it is the entire procedure…