The import of goods – How to place orders for the carriage on the – Part 1

Let us start that prices calculated by our calculator are PRECISE and include ALL elements of the carriage and forwarding puzzle :)

A customer interested in our service had a few ways to put an order for the goods import. Let us start with a version for “lazy” people that is using our human resources.

To make an evaluation we need basic parameters of the consignment:
a) Goods IMPORT with the at the FOB shipping port – a nearly immediate evaluation
– A loading port
– A place of destination
– Full dimensions (L x W x H)
– Weight.

On the basis of them we make an offer. After its acceptation we proceed to action and the following data are needed:
– A shipper’s name
– An address
– Contact details (phone number, e-mail, a contact person).

We pass these data to our partner in the country of loading and return our customer details of our broker and a reference number (RO) which information should be passed to a shipper. Our broker contacts with your shipper and they agree exact dates, etc. A consignment is placed in our warehouse and then it is shipped to Poland by sea.

During shipping you are requested to complete a documentation:
A) Company documentation:
– A copy of the statement from the BACR&IR or NCR
– A copy of the Tax Identification Number NIP
– A copy of the REGON state statistical number
– An ORIGINAL of the authorisation for the Customs Office

B) Commercial documentation:
– A commercial invoice + its translation
– A packing list
– A bill of lading (BL)

Possibly additional certificates (depending on the product).
About 5-6 days before the goods arrive to our warehouse, we receive a notification of the arrival about which we inform via e-mail. After arriving the goods to the Gdynia port we report goods to the customs procedure we have applied for, send a statement of customs and tax receivables and a number of the bank account to pay them, and we issue our invoice according to our placed offer asking to make a payment for it.

After making a payment of customs and tax receivables and our invoice we release the goods from the customs supervision and make a final delivery. An import with us is easy, isn’t it?
Soon, a version for more advanced… :)