Do you know that… An import from the U.S.A.

while importing goods from the U.S.A. you should pay a SPECIAL attention to a quality of a documentation? Perhaps, the United States are the biggest economy in the world, maybe they have the best goods, technologies, and God only knows what else, but what because of this if their sales records requires a so called special care?

An import from the U.S.A. is, first of all, connected with paying attention to a subject matter of commercial documentation issued by your American contractors.

Do demand every missing detail, according to a list of requirements described here:
a commercial invoice

Do not be afraid to ask for updates of documentation, if it does not fulfil its role – that is allow to provide in a simple way a customs clearance and placing goods on the market within the EU.
Dear Importers, it is your duty to hold a VALID documentation. If you do not have it – be sure that a several unpleasant surprises wait for you on the part of the Customs Offices and similar institutions.

P.S. Personally, I wonder how the Americans managed to build such an economy… but perhaps that is why they have no restriction in terms of documentation? Maybe, one day somebody competent will read this post and many similar to him to “learn” that requirements are inadequate for the needs – even those of a statistical nature…

What I wish myself and You :)