Bogotá is located in Colombia. It is a dry port with the code COBOG. The port is used to transport various types of goods which are imported, for example, from other seaports and then transported inland. There are four container seaports in Colombia, but the closest one is Buenaventura, over 600 km from Bogotá.

The city of Bogotá is located in South America, in the central part of Colombia. Bogotá is the capital of Columbia, with around 7 million residents. It is certainly the biggest city in the Andes. A significant part of the area consists of lowlands. It is an important industrial, trade, academic and cultural center of the country. It has many thriving industries, including chemical, light, machine, metallurgic, footwear, food and vehicle industries. There are many international concerns, corporations and banks located here. The city also has a few important universities. The location is also quite an attractive tourist destination, with many monuments and museums. Those worth visiting include: Museo del Oro, Museo Colonial, Museo de Arte Religioso, Museo de Artes y Tradiciones Populares, Museo de Arte Moderno.


Bogota. Source: © autorzy OpenStreetMap. Open Database License.

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