Seaport of Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh is a seaport with the code KHPNH, located in Cambodia on the Sab River, 3-4 km from Mekong. It is a river port, accessible first and foremost to ships that sail through the South China Sea. The port can accept ships with a deadweight tonnage from 2000 DWT to 5000 DWT. The port handles 150 ships a year, including 3 units from Singapore. The distance from the port to Singapore is 1450 km.

The cargo port consists of two parts that are called Port No. 1 and Port No. 2. Port No. 1 is the main port, consisting of a 185 meter pier reinforced with concrete rebars. It is also equipped with three pontoon platforms for ships. The port has lay-time spots that can accept ships with a deadweight tonnage up to 2000 DWT and up to 4000 DWT. The capacity of the main port (No. 1) is estimated at around 150,000 tons a year. The port is currently being expanded using the funds coming from Japan. The renovations are expected to increase the port’s transshipment capacity up to around 566,000 tons a year. Port No. 2 is located 1 km away from the main port. The water level here varies depending on the season.

Seaport of Phnom Penh

Seaport of Phnom Penh. Source: © autorzy OpenStreetMap. Open Database License.

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Expected delivery time:
Import from Phnom Penh to Gdynia – 41 days.
Export to Phnom Penh from Gdynia – 38 days.

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