The cost of an import – evaluating

The cost of an import – how to evaluate

Many of my customers – certainly also Readers – reflect on the TOTAL costs of the import process they will have to pay.
Let us start from the beginning that is from trying to find an answer which elements are components of the import costs.

I venture myself to make a statement of these costs and naming them from the beginning one should mention about the following items:
– A purchase cost
– A cost of delivery to the warehouse at the shipping port
– Handling at the shipping port
– An export customs duty
– Documentation charges and other on the shipper side
– A maritime freight
– CFS costs at the port of dispatching
– A documentation charge
– An import customs clearance
– Taking from the warehouse
– A delivery to the consignee’s warehouse.

These are the basic costs, but there is no way to forget about such items as:
– An import duty
– An import VAT tax
– Costs of dispatching to the own warehouse
– Costs of storage (renting a warehouse)
– Costs of marketing, including advertising
– Sales costs
– A cost of the final delivery

It seems to me that those are all costs which can appear on the importer’s road to success. On what this success will depend on? Mainly on whether if we get those costs estimated at the proper level :)

I guess, I do not need to mention that they will differ for different geographical directions?
I will only add that a price of the freight forwarding service presented by is final and complete for the established parameters of the consigment…

I invite you to comment upon…