Port of Tianjin

Port of Tianjin (also known as Tanggu) is one of the main ports and industry centers in China. Situated 210 kilometers east of Pekin, it has around 7.5 million residents.

The port has grown greatly over the past two decades. In 1993 the port handled 30 million tons of cargo and 490,000 TEU, while in 2012 it was already 400 million tons and 10 million TEU. The indicators continue to grow at a fast rate. In 2013, the Tianjin port handled 500 million tons of cargo (fourth place in the world) and 13 million TEU (ninth place in the world). It is estimated that in 2015 the amount of handled cargo will increase to 550-600 million tons.

The port cooperates with over 600 ports in 180 countries and territories around the world. It is served by about 115 regular container lines, managed by 60 sailing companies.

This year, the city saw the creation of one of the three experimental Free-Trade Areas. The long-term goal is the construction of subsequent areas by 2020. Port of Tianjin headlined many newspapers on 12 August of this year when a huge explosion shook the industrial zone after some dangerous materials had exploded. As a result of the suffered injuries, 173 people died and 797 were wounded.

Port of Tianjin

Port of Tianjin. Source: © autorzy OpenStreetMap. Open Database License.

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Expected delivery time:
Import from Tianjin to Gdynia – 42 days.
Export to Tianjin from Gdynia – 37 days.

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