Seaport of Xinfeng

Xinfeng is a seaport with the code CNXAB. Both the town and the port are located in China, situated in the Ganzhou Municipality in the Jiangxi Province. It’s a standard port used for the transportation of goods both domestically, as well as abroad. The port provides transport services to Hong Kong and Macau. It is capable of accommodating ships with a capacity of 100 thousand TEU. It has two berths with a 780 meter of quay with alongside depth of 4 to 5 meters.

Seaport of Xinfeng

Seaport of Xinfeng. Source: © autorzy OpenStreetMap. Open Database License.

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Import from Xinfeng to Gdynia – 34 days.
Export to Xinfeng of Gdynia – about the time of delivery ask our consultants.

Shipowners supports port Xinfeng: APL, China Shipping, CMA / CGM, COSCO, Hanjin, Hyundai, Yang Ming.