Seaport of Banjul

Banjul is a seaport with the code GMBJL, located in Gambia. It is the country’s principal ocean port. Since 2014, ferries have been regularly calling into the city, sailing across the Gambia River to reach the city of Barra. This is the main service offered by this port. The city itself is the country’s capital and the fourth biggest locale in Gambia. It is situated on the St. Mary Island at the mouth of the Gambia River flowing into the Atlantic Ocean. 34 thousand people live here. The city was founded in 1816 as an army site. Since 1965, it has been the country’s capital. The city’s name means bamboo. There is a Central Bank in the city. It has a strong industry that produces beeswax, palm timber and palm oil. All of these products are dispatched from the city’s seaport. It’s very warm in Banjul all year long. It has a wet and dry tropical climate. Dry periods are long, lasting from October to June, while the short rainy seasons last for the remaining four months.

Seaport of Banjul

Seaport of Banjul. Source: © autorzy OpenStreetMap. Open Database License.

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Export to Banjul from Gdynia – 25 days.
Import from Banjul to Gdynia – about delivery time ask our consultants.

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