Seaport of Santiago

Not far from Santiago is a seaport with the code CLSCL. This facility is situated in Chile, on the Pacific Ocean. The port’s name, Valparaiso, comes from the name of the region in which it is located. It is the largest trade port on the west coast of South America. It is also a naval army base. It must be emphasized that it is also a very important communications hub connecting the city with other cities and even countries. The port is considered to be one of the most modern ones in Chile. It is certainly a very romantic place, ideal for those in love as there are many charming cafes and hideaways. It also has small port basins, with yellow wooden fishing boats rocking back and forth on the water. You can buy freshly caught fish from them. The city was often raided by colonial pirates. The port was destroyed by storms, fire, even an earthquake. Many industries located here are experiencing significant growth, including metal, food, chemical, textile, leather, cement industries. The city also has an oil refinery.

Seaport of Santiago

Seaport of Santiago. Source: © autorzy OpenStreetMap. Open Database License.

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Import from Santiago to Gdynia – 30 days.
Export to Santiago from Gdynia – 32 days.

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