Seaport of Chiwan

Chiwan is a seaport with the code CNCWN, located in China. It is part of the Port of Shenzhen port, responsible for handling of various types of cargo. It is the Gateway to China, and combines the country’s hinterland with the Pearl River Delta. This part of the port is owned by a sino-foreign company. It is one of the most modern terminals located in China. The Port of Shenzhen itself is the busiest and fastest developing port in the world. It is located in the Guangdong province, and is the economic hinterland for the Port of Hong Kong. It is also the largest port in terms of international transport occurring in China. 39 transshipment companies operate within the port that service 131 international container lines. 560 ships call into this port every year. The whole port coves 260 km of the shore line. It is divided into two areas: east and west. The port has 140 mooring spots. 51 of them are intended for ships with 10,000 DWT, and 90 for other tonnages.

Seaport of Chiwan

Seaport of Chiwan. Source: © autorzy OpenStreetMap. Open Database License.

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Import from Chiwan to Gdynia – 34 days.
Export to Chiwan from Gdynia – 34 days.

Shipowners supports Chiwan port: APL, China Shipping, CMA / CGM, COSCO, Evergreen, Hanjin, Hyundai, K-Line, MOL, MSC, Yang Ming.